Know a remarkable, innovative, imaginative and creative educator or education leader who should be a guest on our podcast?

Direct message your suggestions to  the Producer and Host, Josh Reppun on the form below; @WSCBPodcast on Twitter; the Most Likely to Succeed in Hawaiʻi Facebook page; and/or the @WSCBPodcast on Instagram. Please include your suggestion’s full name and a contact, if possible. 

Podcast Host, Josh Reppun works with 5th graders making podcasts at the Asia Pacific International School on the North Shore of O’ahu
This Season One trailer was made by students in the Hawk Media Program at Kealakehe Intermediate, near Kona.
Mathieu Williams and members of the Season One Post Production Team, which was students in the Hawk Media Program at Kealakehe Intermediate, near Kona on Hawaiʻi Island. Leading that team: Mei Kanada


Former chef, hotel manager and history teacher, Josh Reppun is the founder of Plexus Education, LLC, dba as Most Likely to Succeed in Hawai’i, a “movement” founded by extraordinary people dedicated to developing global public, private and charter school conversations around Ted Dintersmith’s film, Most Likely to Succeed and his book, What School Could Be. Josh is also the founder of Josh Reppun Productions. He is the host of the What School Could Be Podcast and the producer of two films: Ka Helena Aʻo: The Learning Walk and The Innovation Playlist, both about creative, imaginative and innovative educators and education leaders. Josh’s podcast, edited by the talented Evan Kurohara, with music by Michael Sloan, has now reached nearly 80,000 downloads in over 100 countries.